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Your place to communicate with your Provider, access your records, keep up with appointments, and more.

Convenient and Secure

Access your healthcare information around the clock with our patient portal.

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View Results and Records

Review your test results and provider notes.

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Keep Up With Appointments

View your upcoming appointments.

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Get the
Healow App

With the Healow app, you can manage multiple accounts, set medication and appointment reminders, and use trackers to help manage your health. The Healow app is a simple, secure, and completely free way to manage you and your family’s healthcare.

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Download the App

Find the app by clicking below, or search “Healow” on the app store.

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Select Your Practice

You can search for Brio by entering practice code “IGCCDA”.

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Create an Account

Enter a username and password that you will use to log in to the app.

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Secure Your Account

Set up your PIN number to securely access your health records and more.

Patient Portal FAQ

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Patient Portal

How do I get to the Patient Portal?

Patients can access the Patient Portal once they are web enabled. To become web enabled, please be sure to select this option in your New Patient Packet. Once web enabled, patients can access the portal two ways:

1) The "Patient Portal" button in the top corner of our website

2) Downloading the Healow App from the Google Play or Apple App Store

What can I use the Patient Portal for?

The Patient Portal can be used to review lab results, view visit summaries, message a nurse, and more!

Why does Brio use Healow and Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal and Healow App serve very similar purposes. If you prefer to download the free Healow App, you can access most everything on the Patient Portal at the touch of the button on your mobile device! We recommend the Patient Portal for those using on an internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Does Brio use MyChart?

Brio does not use MyChart, instead we use the Healow App and/or Patient Portal. We are able to access the information contained in MyChart with your permission.

About My Care

What is the turnaround time for prior authorizations?

The average turnaround time for medication and imaging prior autorization is two weeks.

How long does it take for X-Ray results to come back?

X-Ray results have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

How long does it take for lab results to come back?

Lab results have a turn around time of 5-7 business days.

There are two ways for you to review your labs:

1. As soon as they are resulted before the provider reviews them, your labs are posted to your Visit Summary. To access, log into the Healow App -> Click Visits -> Select Past Appointment where labs were drawn -> Choose Visit Summary -> Scroll Down to Results Section

2. Once your Provider has reviewed your labs, they can be accessed in the Results section of the app. To view, log into the Healow App -> "Access Your Health Records" and Click View -> Results -> Click View Specific Lab Results

Billing & Insurance

What services does my insurance cover?

Every insurance plan is unique. We recommend contacting your insurance carrier to discuss covered services.

Why do I have a copay for my preventive visit?

If you come to Brio for a preventive visit (or physical) and discussed additional concerns with your Provider, they are required to bill a code for an office visit to address the problems or concerns. Your copay will be put towards the bill for the office visit portion of your visit.

Why am I getting a bill from Labcorp?

While we draw and conduct labs in our office, we are required to send certain tests to Labcorp, a third party lab service.

If I am Self Pay, how much is my appointment?

At Brio Primary Care we offer a Self Pay discount. A Good Faith Estimate is provided prior to the appointment so you are able to bring funds to pay at the time of service. Please note, a minimum payment of $100 will be collected at the time of service.

How does my doctor's office get paid?

While you are responsible for the cost of your care, your doctor's office will make every effort to seek payment from your health insurance company for the amount owed under your policy. In order to facilitate this, it is important that you provide Brio Primary Care with the most updated and accurate information possible.

When are statements sent out?

Following your appointment, you will receive a text and/or email with your statement and instructions on how to pay.

How do I make a payment?

There are four ways for patients to complete payments:

1. Online through the Patient Portal

2. Paying through the Healow App (available to download in the Google Play or App Store)

3. Call 864-603-5600 and select option 3.

4. Mailing checks to our office made payable to:
MUSC Affiliate Physicians
PO Box 936934
Atlanta, GA 31193-6926

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Patient Portal – Brio Primary Care – Greenville, SC (2024)
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